Pinty Scopes | Top Christmas Gift for Gun Lovers: Affordable and Thrilling Mystery Box of Rifle Scopes and Red Dot Sights

Top Christmas Gift for Gun Lovers: Affordable and Thrilling Mystery Box of Rifle Scopes and Red Dot Sights

Packed with wonderful optics, rifle scope mystery boxes make the ultimate Christmas present for shooting sports
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Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for the shooting sports enthusiast in your life? Give them a dose of affordable excitement with a rifle scope mystery box! Read on to learn why these surprise gift collections packed with optics make the ultimate Christmas present.

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Introducing Rifle Scope Mystery Boxes

What comes in Mystery Box

Pinty Scopes | Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is usually any combination of the following items:

  • Scope Combo Set
  • Rifle Scope
  • Red Dot Magnifiers
  • Red & Green Dot Sights
  • Lasers & Bore Sighter
  • Bipods
  • Parts & Accessories

Pinty mystery boxes will not contain any defective, used, or repaired items -- only new. The proportion of value goes up on the more expensive boxes so you can score even bigger.

Mystery boxes can only contain items from Pinty website. If you’re looking for some variety, we offer $40, $50, $70, $80, $90, and $100 Mystery Boxes!

Concrete Items You May Discover in Our Mystery Box

4-16x50EG 3-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo: A Trifecta of Precision and Versatility

  • Combo Set Perfection: This set uniquely combines a rifle scope, dot sight, and red laser, catering to diverse shooting requirements across various scenes and distances.
  • Unmatched Accuracy: Experience unparalleled sharpness with 4-16x magnification and multi-coated optics, ideal for all ranges.
  • Built to Last: Our fogproof and shockproof construction ensures durability and reliability in harsh outdoor conditions.

1x20 Red Dot Sight, 4.5 MOA: Precision Meets Simplicity

  • Parallax-Free Precision: Designed for exact aiming at 50 yards without parallax interference.
  • Stable and Secure Mounting: Attaches seamlessly to Picatinny/Weaver rails, offering a dependable low-profile setup.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Features a 4.5 MOA red dot with 11 brightness levels, ensuring clarity in various lighting conditions.

1.5-5x21 Reflex Sight Magnifier Scope: Expand Your Shooting Horizons

  • Versatile Shooting: Effortlessly toggle between Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and magnified aiming for adaptable shooting experiences.
  • Enhanced Environmental Perception: Magnification highlights wind and mirage factors for better accuracy.
  • Seamless Integration: Perfectly pairs with red dot sights for a range of magnification options, enhancing your shooting distance.
  • A Pleasant Surprise: Imagine the excitement of finding this magnifier scope in your mystery box – a true delight for red dot sight enthusiasts!

Advantages Over Buying Individual Gifts

  • Savings - Bundled products means more affordable gifts.
  • Less Choice Paralysis - The unknown assortment saves you gift selection headache. Just order and wrap!
  • Unexpected Treasures - Chance to receive high-end optics, gear rarely splurged on.
  • Shared Fun - Opening mystery items together around mutual interests.

For under budget-conscious shoppers, rifle scope mystery boxes check all the boxes delivering savings, convenience, and excitement.

Creative Christmas Mystery Box Presentation Ideas

Pinty Scopes | Mystery Box Chrismas Package Idea

Enhance your holiday mystery box further through festive enhancements:

  • Wrap creatively with seasonal camo/hunting paper or amusing question marks increasing the surprise factor.
  • Affix a greeting card: “We wish you happy holidays and good fortune with these mystery optics!”
  • Tie on a festive bow or embellish box with stickers of snowflakes and deer.
  • Place box underneath the tree or create decorative vignettes with shooting themed elements surrounding it.
  • Schedule a Christmas morning video call to view live reactions unveiling the unknown finds together.
  • With some added panache, mystery boxes become even more gift-worthy as the centerpiece decoration sure to draw attention and smiles.


Seeking a cool gift suited for the shooting enthusiast that provides affordable savings? Look no further than a rifle scope mystery box! With wonderful optics and gears inside, they check all the boxes for the perfect rifleman gift this holiday season.

Give the gift of thrills, surprises and celebrations centered around your shared passions. Watch with joy as they unwrap each mystery treasure!

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