Red dot sight recommendation for beginners: 1x40 Reflex Sight Review

Red Dot Sight Recommendation for Beginners: Pinty 1x40 Reflex Sight Review

This review names the Pinty 1x40 Reflex Sight a top red dot recommendation for beginners based on its optimal balance of clear optics, durable build, easy adjustments, and incredibly wallet-friendly sub-$50 price point.

Getting started with your first red dot sight? Seeking a quality but affordable optic to mount on your rifle, shotgun, or pistol without breaking the bank? Read on for our full review of the easy-to-use and budget-friendly Pinty 1x40 Reflex Sight - a top pick as a versatile entry-level red dot model.

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Red dot sights offer major benefits for beginners looking to upgrade from standard iron sights. The ability to acquire targets faster and with greater precision can immediately boost shooting confidence and skills. But with so many red dot options on the market, it can be daunting to know where to start.

In this review, we’ll be evaluating the Pinty 1x40 Reflex Sight as our top recommendation for beginners based on its optimal balance of features, usability and value. Read on to learn why this sight makes an outstanding choice for new tactical, competitive, or recreational shooters seeking their first red dot.

Red Dot Sight Benefits for New Shooters

Here are some of the major advantages red dots provide, especially for those newer to shooting sports:
  • Faster Target Acquisition - Red dots allow shooters to get on target significantly quicker than aligning iron sights.
  • Accuracy Improvement - Precise dot allows tighter shot groupings at longer distances than irons.
  • Easy to Use - Unlimited eye relief and parallax-free shooting simplify use.
  • Beginner Friendly - Using a red dot builds confidence through clearer sight picture.
  • Versatile Applications - Red dots work on rifles, pistols, shotguns, crossbows, air guns allowing mix-and-match use.

Making the switch from irons to a quality entry-level red dot sight gives beginners an advantage right from the start. 

Key Red Dot Sight Attributes to Evaluate - Pinty 1x40 Reflex Sight


Pinty Scopes | Red Dot Sight | 1x40 Reflex Sight


Optic Clarity - Clean and crisp dot visibility. Avoid fuzzy or obstructed.

Pinty Scopes | Optic Clarity

From the picture, it is evident that the lens of this reflex sight is crystal clear and the reticle is exceptionally bright. It is noteworthy that red and green are the most commonly used colors for reticles in red dot sights, and this reflex sight offers both options. Each color has its own advantages and disadvantages. In a forested or predominantly green environment, the green dot may not be as effective. However, it is gentler on the eyes and ideal for daytime usage. On the other hand, the red dot provides excellent visibility during nights and in low-light conditions. However, individuals with astigmatism may perceive a blurred dot or experience eye strain. With the availability of two color options, users can effortlessly adjust it to their specific requirements.

Accuracy - 2 MOA Dot Reticle - Precisely aims while still allowing fast target pickup.

Pinty Invited YouTuber The Walk With AI to test, to watch the entire video, you can click here. He shot at the target (turkey on the paper) from 20 yards away.

Pinty Scopes | Reflex Sight Accuracy
From the picture, it's evident that the bullet hit the turkey's head with exceptional precision. This unequivocally demonstrates the impressive accuracy capabilities of this reflex sight. However, merely possessing equipment is insufficient for beginners. Consistent practice is equally crucial. With the aid of Pinty, I am confident that anyone can eventually attain advanced shooting skills.

Physical Durability - Aluminum housing that withstands recoil and impact.

Throughout our collaboration with YouTuber, we witnessed the utilization of a 20 gauge shotgun firing 3-inch magnum rounds. Despite enduring substantial recoil during testing, the reflex sight remained undamaged, further attesting to its exceptional quality.
Following thorough testing, the Pinty 1x40 Reflex sight has unequivocally proven its outstanding attributes in terms of lens clarity, accuracy, and durability. Furthermore, its compatibility with firearms equipped with a standard 20 mm Picatinny or Weaver rail ensures its universal applicability. Undoubtedly, this makes it an excellent choice for novice shooters.


Top Beginner Firearm Platforms for Red Dots

Perfect for topping:

  • .22LR Rifles/Pistols - Rimfire trainers, plinking guns.
  • Air Rifles - Squirrel/pest control guns.
  • AR-15s - Versatile semiauto tactical rifle platforms.
  • Tactical Shotguns - For fast moving clay shooting.
  • Crossbows - Enhanced aiming for hunters.

Getting Started Using Your Red Dot Sight

Follow these tips when first installing and sighting in your new red dot:

  • Carefully mount using factory torques specs on included hardware.
  • Bore sight or laser bore sight initially before firing live rounds.
  • Follow sight-in instructions starting at 25 yards, adjusting until zeroed at desired distance.
  • When comfortable, practice shooting drills emphasizing trigger control, grip, rapid target acquisition.


For new shooters seeking to upgrade from iron sights in a highly accessible way, we recommend the Pinty 1x40 Reflex Sight based on its versatile design, incredibly budget friendly price providing impressive value, and matched performance allowing shooters to improve skills with an easy-to-use red dot.

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