USA Hunting Season Information

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Statewise Hunting Seasons in USA

Hunting Season Tips:

Legislation has been enacted by the government of the United States, at both federal and state levels, in order to regulate hunting activities.

  • The most serious offenses resembling poaching involve activities such as the killing or collecting of endangered species, in violation of international agreements like CITES, the Endangered Animals Act, and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.
  • Engaging in hunting or fishing without a valid license from the state is also considered an offense.
  • Certain weapons, including machine guns, snare traps, explosives, poison, nets, and pitfall traps, are prohibited for hunting purposes. Firing at game from a moving aircraft or vehicle is strictly forbidden.
  • Hunters often use tactics such as food baiting, recorded noises, and decoys to increase their chances of success. It is important for hunters to take advantage of game hunting seasons, as they not only reduce risks but also allow for natural hibernation and predation. Hunters in the United States commonly target various species, including deer, elk, turkey, and ducks.