About Us

Real Patriots know the difference between quality and cheap products. They know the importance of freedom and what it takes to secure liberty. That’s why it’s important that your glass never breaks down on you when you really need it. For protection, target shooting, or those just learning how to exercise their God-given 2nd amendment right, Pinty Scopes come in a variety of options to fit your performance needs.


Each glass comes with multiple settings and magnifications ensuring accuracy you can trust. Our scopes are weather-proofed and tested to handle any challenge on the range, on the hunt, or in the field because we know the importance of being “combat-ready.” For those looking for a great scope on a budget or just getting into modifying their rifles, Pinty offers both Rifle Scope Combos and Rifle Scopes for Starters.

For those seasoned sharpshooters looking to take their game to the next level, check out our Pinty Pro-Series line. When looking for a new scope or wanting to add another to your collection, remember Pinty Riflescopes - glass built to last.

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