Create a post on Facebook/Instagram: Share a fun and creative picture/video showcasing aspects of your life while mentioning our brand name, "Pinty".


By uploading your pictures featuring a Pinty scope, you can receive a $5 cash on your previous order or $10 coupon to your next order! Simply follow the steps below:

  • Take a captivating photo/video that showcases your Pinty scope in action.
  • Write a brief description of your picture/video, highlighting the context, or technique you used your Pinty scope for.
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    2. Money Options: If you select the $10 coupon prize, we will provide you with a $10 discount code that can be applied to your next purchase. If you choose the $5 cash prize option, please send us your previous order information. To be eligible, you must have purchased a product from us before. We will issue a $5 cash to your PayPal account connected to your prior order. You must have an active PayPal account to receive the cash.
    3. Create a Facebook/Instagram post: Share a fun and creative picture/video showcasing aspects of your life while mentioning our brand name, "Pinty".
    4. Post requirements:
    (1) The post should mention the brand name "Pinty" clearly.
    (2) Be sure to make your post engaging, entertaining, and authentic.
    (3) Show how our brand fits into your activities.
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    *Please note that by participating in this event, you agree to grant Pinty the right to utilize your submitted photos / videos for promotional purposes. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing your perfect moments with your Pinty scope!


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    The build quality is excellent with all aluminum construction and very clear glass. The red dots are very bright even in direct sunlight. Took it out to the range, zeroed, and it didn't take long to do. I would have no hesitation putting it on my 9mm PCC AR-15.

    The 4GunGuy


    The Pinty scope is affordable and performs as well as famous brands. It passed my torture test, greatly exceeding anything that I would have expected. For shooters needing an accurate, durable scope without breaking the bank, the Pinty is a hidden gem.

    Beyond Seclusion