Pinty Green Laser Sight Review: A Budget-Friendly Option Packed with Performance

Pinty Green Laser Sight Review: A Budget-Friendly Option Packed with Performance

The Pinty Green Laser Sight provides outstanding visibility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, making it a top budget option for aim enhancement. Its vivid green beam, intuitive controls, and affordable $27.99 price tag give shooters premium performance without the premium price tag.
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Laser sights have become widely popular across various shooting applications due to their ability to enhance aim and precision. They prove beneficial for home defense, competitive shooting events, hunting, and firearms training. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky finding an affordable laser sight that also delivers on performance. The Pinty Green Laser Sight aims to fill that niche, offering an entry-level green laser packed with useful features.

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What's Included

The Pinty kit contains everything you need to get up and running:

  • Green Dot Laser Sight with switches
  • 2 Metal scope mounts
  • Hex wrench
  • CR123A battery
  • Storage case

With included battery and mounts, installing and using the Pinty laser sight right out of the box is seamless. The convenient case also provides safe storage between uses.

Key Specifications

  • Wavelength: 532nm green
  • Output Power: <5mW
  • Maximum Distance: 300 meters
  • Runs on one CR123A battery
  • Class IIIa laser product

Standout Features

Easy Installation and Use

  • Includes A Variety of Accessories - 2x Metal Mounts, Switches, Wrench, Battery and Storage Box. From your installation to storing the laser, the rich accessories ensure that you can install it in place at once, saving you the trouble of buying and selecting accessories twice.
  • Tool-free Elevation & Windage - The intuitive design offers you tool-free elevation and windage adjustment with perfect precision, ensuring accurate aim for each hit without losing zero.
  • Convenient Switches - The cap switch keeps this tactical laser on continuously when fully tightened, while the remote switch only powers on when pressed to offer an energy-efficient pulse mode.

High Visibility Beam

Pinty worked with Youtuber Nothin’ But Gadgets to test the visibility, here are 2 pictures:

Youtuber Nothin' But Gadget Tests Pinty Green Laser - Picture 1

For picture 1, Nothin’ But Gadgets captured this laser from close up, and you can see that the laser is very bright.

Youtuber Nothin' But Gadget Tests Pinty Green Laser - Picture 2

For picture 2, the shooting environment was relatively dark. Nothin' But Gadgets took a long exposure picture, which is the one you see now. It is obvious from the picture that the Pinty Green Laser Sight is not only very bright, but also has a very good distance.

Compare with Competitors

Website Pew Pew Tactical wrote a blog comparing several laser sights on the market. Here is the resulting picture.

Pew Pew Tactical Laser Sight Test

From the picture, you could see that Pinty's green laser sight is the brightest compared to more well-known competitors such as Ozark Armament.

Cost Effectiveness

Priced at an affordable $27.99, the Pinty Green Laser Sight provides value unmatched by big-name brands. If you would like to know others green laser sight price, you could still read the blog written by Pew Pew Tactical. Through these green laser sights, Pinty offers good price as well as the performance (visibility). If seeking quality on a budget, the Pinty is hard to beat.


Pinty Scopes | Green Laser Sight

The Pinty Green Laser Sight hits a sweet spot between price and performance, making it a great entry-level laser sight for recreational shooting and training. Easy installation combined with a highly visible green beam make the Pinty an attractive option for those seeking aim enhancement without premium costs. Overall, an outstanding quality budget laser sight worth considering.

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