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Top 5 Affordable Rifle Scopes Under $100 for Hunters and Shooters

Want to improve your shooting skills but facing exorbitantly priced scopes holding you back? Pinty offers all-in-one sighting systems combining laser, reflex, and telescopic optics customizable for every scenario - without breaking the bank. This article reveals our top-rated budget-friendly scopes delivering versatility and maximum value.

Precision shooting demands quality optics with clear magnification, durable construction, and precise adjustments to view targets cleanly and place accurate shots. However, rifle scopes with such essential features often carry premium pricing, leaving budget-minded marksmen frustrated.

The good news is optics manufacturers like Pinty produce an array of impressively equipped scopes at accessible price points under $100. This review will highlight five affordable all-purpose scopes perfect for hunters, recreational shooters, and tactical enthusiasts not looking to break the bank.

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Reasons for Recommendation

At Pinty, we understand shooters often need optimized optics for different scenarios – from home defense lasers to magnified hunting scopes. That’s why we offer budget-friendly and versatile scope combos combining reflex sights, lasers, and telescopic optics into one integrated system.

Reason 1: Cost-Effective – Our combos provide a complete sighting solution at the price of what other brands charge for just a single rifle scope.

Reason 2: All-Scenario Versatility – Our combos feature optics suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios:

  • Lasers ideal for close-quarters home defense up to around 50 yards, allowing rapid target acquisition and deterrence in tight spaces based on the bright visual cue.
  • Reflex sights perfect for fast-action shooting at medium ranges around 50-150 yards, as the illuminated dot provides rapid target alignment without losing surroundings awareness.
  • Telescopic scopes suited for long-range hunting and target shooting past 150 yards, where magnified optics and adjustments provide precision aim on small targets at extended distances.

This integrated trio enhances performance and flexibility across diverse shooting settings. Now let’s showcase our top-rated scopes guaranteed to improve your skills without breaking the bank.

Pinty 3-9x42 Rifle Scope

3-9x42 Mil Dot Tactical Hunting Rifle Scope | Pinty Scopes

The 3-9x42 configuration proves one of the most versatile magnifications ranges combined with a wide 42mm objective lens for excellent light transmission. The Pinty 3-9x42 scope delivers these key specs in a streamlined 30mm tube package.

The 42mm lens gathers sufficient ambient light for hunting dawn, dusk, or surveying shaded areas. A 3-9x zoom range covers close to mid-range shooting distances. capped turrets adjust windage and elevation precisely. With the built-in red laser, this scope can quick target acquisition at shorter distances,ensuring top-notch shooting performance at all times.

Pinty 4-16x50 Rifle Scope

4-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo | Pinty Scopes

For shooters wanting to extend range while maintaining affordability, the Pinty 4-16x50 ups magnification reach and objective lens size for tack-sharp views downrange. With a wide 50mm lens and magnification topping out at 16x, distant small targets appear bright and defined.

An illuminated reticle with green and red color options aids visibility in low light conditions. Fully coated optics and patented lens alignment maintain image accuracy across the entire 4-16x zoom range. At under $100, this scope punches far above its class.

Pinty 3-9x32 Red & Green Scope

3-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo | Pinty Scopes

Combining a specialized rangefinding reticle with integrated windage/elevation adjustments, the Pinty 3-9x32 adds advanced capabilities like distance ranging and holdover dialing at a mere fraction of the cost of comparably equipped scopes.

The 32mm lens provides ample light for mid-range shooting. A side focus knob fine tunes views for sharp focusing, while red/green illumination toggles reticle brightness. Complete with scope covers and rings, this budget-friendly package delivers premium features.

Pinty 2.5-10x40 Rifle Scope

2.5-10x40mm Mil-dot Rifle Scope | Pinty Scopes

This illuminated multi-color reticle scope with side parallax focus adjustment provides a versatile mid-range magnification spectrum from 2.5 up to 10x in a durable 40mm tube. The mil-dot reticle calculates distance, and exposed target turrets allow dialing calculated holds.

A blue/red color adjustable reticle and multi-coated lenses optimize views under various lighting conditions. Built-in sunshade and flip caps protect exterior lens surfaces. For less than $80, few other optics match this deal.

Pinty 4x32 Prism Scope

4x32 Tactical Rifle Scope with 3MOA Red Dot Sight

The 4x32 Prism Scope brings a compact fixed 4x magnified sight combined with a crystal clear lens system. Despite the diminutive size, performance stands up to full sized scopes. Indexed 1/2 MOA windage and elevation turrets offer precision aiming refinement, with nitrogen filled tube and lens covers.

For a backpack rifle or youth setup where size and weight matter but accuracy still counts, the resilient Pinty 4x32 Prism Scope delivers impressively on a bargain budget.


While costs for top-tier optics continue ballooning, Pinty's lineup of budget-friendly riflescopes proves markets can still yield quality glass and precise adjustments without breaking the bank. Our lineup provides options spanning essential magnification ranges to extended dialing capability. For shooters wanting solid performing scopes under $100, Pinty delivers in spades.

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