Hunting Season Success - How to Choose the Perfect Rifle Scope & Prepare for Epic Hunts

Hunting Season Success - How to Choose the Perfect Rifle Scope & Prepare for Epic Hunts

Another exhilarating hunting season nears. This guide eliminates the guesswork for both novice and pro hunters by revealing how to select the ideal rifle scope and prepare fully based on your needs and purposes. Get ready to experience phenomenal success afield.
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Another awesome hunting season awaits. While your mind fills with visions of wall-hangers, don’t forget one essential gear upgrade that hugely impacts success - optics.

Outfitting your firearm with the ideal rifle scope takes hunting to the next level. But the maze of scopes and features feels overwhelming for even seasoned hunters.

Luckily, this definitive guide eliminates the guesswork by revealing how to select the perfect hunting optic based on your needs and purposes. Read on to gain the strategic advantages that turn dreams into reality this season.

 (Reading Time: 5-6 Minutes)


Step 1 - Know Your Local Hunting Laws and Regulations


Before picking a rifle scope, familiarize yourself with the legal requirements where you’ll be hunting. Regulations vary greatly by region, species, season dates, and public/private lands. Be sure you:

  • Have necessary licenses and permits for the area and prey
  • Abide by tag allotment numbers dictated for certain big game
  • Only use legal hunting methods for the location

Save hassles by thoroughly researching the laws unique to your hunting grounds and targets. Focus on ethical behavior from day one.


Step 2 - Analyze Prey Patterns and Habitats


Success requires intimately understanding your target species' routines and environments. Take time to research:

  • Feeding habits and prime foraging areas
  • Bedding areas and patterns of movement
  • Expected migration routes and timing
  • Impacts of weather fronts and barometric changes

Detailed analysis results in strategic hunt plans. Outsmart your prey by getting inside their head.


Step 3 - Inspect and Test All Your Hunting Tools

Inspect and Test All Your Hunting Tools

Inspect, test, and tune-up all essential gear before opening day:

  • Verify firearms function properly. Clean and lubricate moving components. Replace worn parts.
  • Check bows for smooth and consistent draw. Replace unstable nocking points and refresh string wax.
  • Ensure knives and broadheads are shaving sharp. Sharpen all blades and test edge retention.

Don't trust old faulty gear this season. Verify tools are in peak condition and ready for action.


Step 4 - Mount an Ideal Hunting Rifle Scope on Your Firearm


Few gear investments impact hunting success like optics. But with countless scopes and features, determining the perfect model feels perplexing. Let’s demystify selecting your ideal hunting rifle scope:

Choose the Right Magnification Power

Magnification dictates optimal engagement range. Pick based on your needs:

  • Short range – 1-4x excels for heavy cover and fast shots inside 100 yards.
  • Mid range – 3-9x balances CQB with reach to 200 yards. A versatile all-rounder.
  • Long range – 10x+ enables ethical shots at 400+ yards in open country.

Variable zoom provides maximum adaptability from stalking to distance.

Select an Enhanced Reticle

Specialized reticles upgrade accuracy and aiming at varying ranges. Look for:

  • BDC reticles with holdover dots calibrated for common hunting loads. Rapid dialing from 100-500 yards.
  • Illuminated options for low light dawn and dusk hunting.

Match the reticle advantage to likely shot scenarios. Illuminated BDC models support the widest range of action.

Invest in Superior Lenses

Fully multicoated lenses provide stunning brightness, clarity, and light transmission. Top-tier glass makes an enormous difference when every minute counts.

Mount Properly With Quality Rings and Bases

A solid mounting foundation yields consistent accuracy and longevity. Use matched ring sets and reliable Picatinny or Weaver bases. Lapping rings guarantees flawless alignment.

While more affordable scopes are tempting, don't compromise on quality with your season on the line.

Some popular Pinty scopes for your next hunting:

Pinty's Popular Scopes


3-9x42 Rifle Scope 4x32 Rifle Scope

6-24x50 Rifle Scope

Reticle Type


 Illuminated  Mil-dot
Magnification 3-9x 4x 6-24x
Adjustable Objective x x
Objective Lens Diameter 1.7 in. 1.26 in. 1.97 in.
Scope Length 12.7 in. 6.1 in. 16.54 in.
Reticle Color Black Red Red & Green & Blue

Step 5 - Practice Extensively with Your New Optic

Practice Extensively with Your New Optic

Success requires engraining muscle memory through dedicated practice. Follow this pre-season training:

  • Sight-in your scope for your exact ammo and rifle.
  • Shoot from field positions under simulated hunting scenarios.
  • Develop skills in early morning and low light conditions.

With extensive range time, your new rifle scope will feel like an extension of your eyes when drawing down on that trophy buck.


Step 6 - Arrive Fit and Ready for the Terrain


Hunting demands supreme physical endurance and fitness. Avoid exhaustion by:

  • Improving cardio capacity through weighted hiking.
  • Building leg and core strength to withstand repeated kneeling and climbing.
  • Maintaining joint flexibility through regular stretching.

Top conditioning maximizes your effective time in the field.


Step 7 - Assemble a Well-Stocked Hunting Pack

Assemble a Well-Stocked Hunting Pack

Expect the unexpected by packing properly for self-reliance:

  • Bring maps/GPS plus backups to avoid getting lost.
  • Include first aid trauma kits in case of injury.
  • Carry fire starters, emergency blankets, shelter, and extra rations.

Remaining comfortable through unpredictable events ups your odds this season.

But above all, focus on safety first in all preparations. No hunt is worth undue risks. Prioritize licensed behavior, tell others your plans, use harnesses when elevated, and avoid pushing personal limits.

Follow these tips to choose the perfect optic, hone your skills, arrive prepared, and hunt safely. Soon you’ll experience awesome days afield culminating in hanging that trophy buck on the wall.

Here's to your best season yet!

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