Pinty Scopes | Best Gift Ideas: Finding the Perfect Magnifier Gift for All Occasions

Best Gift Ideas: Finding the Perfect Magnifier Gift for All Occasions

This in-depth guide provides tips for selecting the ideal Pinty red dot sight magnifier as a gift to enhance a red dot sight for any shooting enthusiast, allowing adaptively switching between CQB and magnified aiming for greater shooting versatility.

Searching for a unique gift idea for the shooting enthusiast in your life? Consider a new Pinty red dot sight magnifier to enhance their gear.

A red dot sight magnifier is the ideal accessory gift for any red dot owner looking to increase their sighting versatility. It shows you understand their interests while supporting their shooting hobbies. In this guide, we’ll cover how to select the ideal Pinty red dot sight magnifier gift and make your presentation memorable.

 (Reading Time: 5-6 Minutes)

Introducing the Magnifier

Pinty 1.5-5x21 Reflex Sight Magnifier

Pinty Scopes | 1.5-5x21 Reflex Sight Magnifier Scope

A red dot sight magnifier is a simple optic designed to be paired behind a red dot sight. It provides 1.5x to 5x magnification power while allowing the user to quickly transition back to the non-magnified red dot.

This arrangement gives shooters the best of both worlds. The red dot allows lightning fast close quarters target acquisition, while the magnifier enables clearly seeing hits and reading wind at distance. It transforms a red dot into a much more versatile sighting system.

For any shooting enthusiast who already owns a red dot sight, adding a magnifier is an ideal accessory gift. It enhances the capabilities of a red dot they have without requiring an entirely new optic. Even budget magnifiers around $50 provide this expanded versatility.

Benefits of Gifting a Magnifier

There are many advantages a magnifier provides as a gift:

  • Extends red dot sight range - Stretch distance from 50 yards to 200+ yards with magnification.
  • Spot hits and misses clearly - See shot placement instead of just aiming with the dot.
  • Read wind and mirage better - Magnification makes environmental factors more apparent.
  • Enhances target identification - Easier to positively ID targets at a distance.
  • Adaptable shooting - Instantly switch between CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and magnified aiming.
  • Thoughtful accessory gift - Adds versatility to a red dot sight they already own and use.

A magnifier is one of the most useful accessories for any tactical rifle or AR platform outfitted with a red dot. It adapts the weapon for both CQB and field applications.

Factors to Consider in a Magnifier

Key specifications to evaluate in a magnifier purchase include:

  • Magnification Power - Typically 1.5x to 6x. Higher increases distance but reduces field of view.
  • Lens Quality and Size - Look for fully multi-coated lenses for clarity and light transmission.
  • Mounting Configuration - Sturdy mount but allows flipping out of the way when not magnifying.
  • Eye Relief - Allows proper positioning behind the red dot sight.
  • Durability - Durable aluminum housing and recoil resistance.
  • Price - Budget models from trusted brands provide good quality under $75.

Look for a magnifier matched to the expected use and with good complementary reviews when paired with common red dots like the buyer’s existing sight.

Using a Magnifier with a Red Dot

It is recommended to use the Pinty 1x40 Reflex Sight with this magnifier.

Pinty Scopes | 1x40 Reflex Sight

Magnifiers mount behind the red dot sight:

  • Solid mount like a flip-to-side mount secures it in place while allowing it to pivot out of view.
  • The red dot provides the aiming point. The magnifier simply enlarges the target image.
  • Preserves red dot sighting for close range speed.
  • Switching between magnified and non-magnified requires minimal movement.
  • Be sure to zero the magnifier and red dot together for proper alignment.

With practice, shooters can rapidly transition between close quarters shooting and magnified aiming out to 200+ yard shots.

Presentation Ideas for Magnifier Gifts

Pinty Scopes | Creative red dot sight magnifier gift presentation ideas

For an even more memorable magnifier gift:

  • Have them open the magnifier separately after the main gift as a surprise.
  • Include mounting tools, lens caps, and an instruction manual to help install and use it.
  • Give ammo and range time passes so they can immediately try the magnifier.
  • Offer to mount and bore sight it on their rifle yourself as a gift.
  • Package in a rifle bag or case to protect and transport their enhanced optics setup.
  • Let them know you’ll cover an accessory like a laser sight or flashlight to add if desired.

Creative presentation helps make gifting magnifiers exciting and more special.

Reactions to Receiving a Magnifier Gift

Expect reactions including:

  • Excitement to extend capabilities of their existing red dot into longer ranges.
  • Appreciation for the versatile flexibility the magnifier provides.
  • Eagerness to get it mounted and immediately test accuracy at distance.
  • Increased confidence in take-down power at range with clearer vision on targets.
  • Inspiration to upgrade other gear like shooting rests to capitalize on the enhanced optics.
  • Touched that you understand the capabilities they seek as shooters.

A magnifier is sure to bring smiles as they imagine all the shooting possibilities it unlocks!


For any rifleman or competitive shooter running a red dot sight, a magnifier is one of the most functional and enabling gifts you can select. It provides tangible added versatility to their existing optics setup. The ability to adapt from CQB to mid-range shooting in an instant allows using a single sighting system for multiple applications.

Considering their needs and skill level while creatively presenting the magnifier gift shows thoughtfulness on your part. They’re sure to be impressed and motivated to get it mounted. Most importantly, every time they transition focus and see their hits clearly at distance thanks to your gift, they’ll be reminded of your generosity and understanding. Give the gift of magnification!

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