Military 1W High Power Blue Laser Pointer Visible Beam Light 405nm Pen + 5 Caps

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Multi-Purpose Laser Pointer

LCD Screen Displays: Our blue laser pointer shines a bright clear dot for LCD screens in classes and meetings.

Big-Screen Presentations: This laser pointer precisely marks your spot on extra-large screens at conferences and seminars.

Construction Site Guidance: Our powerful laser pointer enables efficient on-site guidance at construction sites, allowing foremen and engineers to indicate exact locations at a distance.

Real Estate Agents: Our blue laser pointer helps you, direct customers, at showrooms and on location at your properties for sale.



  • 6 Laser Modes in One Pointer: 5 extra laser interfaces create a unique user experience for endless entertainment and ultimate utility.
  • Laser Zoom Expander: Rotate the head to adjust the size of the laser beam.Rotating Head & Laser Light Filter.
  • Long-Lasting 16340 Battery: Our battery port is precision threaded and reinforced for a dependable connection to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The positive electrode (anode) faces out, not in.
  • Waterproof Power Button: Press once to turn on the laser and again to turn it off.



Products Military 1W High Power Blue Laser Pointer
  • Color: Silver/Black
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Laser Wavelength:532 nm
  • Range:1.2 mi. (2 km)
  • Battery:16340 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Length:6.6 in. (16.8 cm)
  • Net Weight:6 oz. (170 g)

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