.243 .308 Bore Sighter

$9.99 $12.99

Made of premium brass, our professional laser red dot bore sight is machined to the strictest standards to ensure superior quality. You can save time, money, ammunition as well as frustration with our product. This boresight is perfect for 15-100 yards range and making sure your gun is zeroed.



High accuracy, laser display 2’’ dot at 100 yards

Designed for fast gun zeroing and sighting range from 15 to 100 yards

Made of premium brass, solid construction, superior quality

7.62x51mm .308 7mm-08 Cartridge Boresighter

Enhances precision and accuracy, save ammunition and money

Laser Class: Class II


Material: High-Quality brass

Maximum output power: <5mw

Wavelength: 635-655nm

Boresighter laser: Red

Batteries required: 3x LR44 Button

Package includes:

1x .308 Laser Bore Sight

4x LR41 batteries(only need 3 to operate the bore sighter)

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