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High Pressure Air Compressor 30MPA 4500PSI, PCP Inflator

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FAST FILLING: It takes only 38 minutes to fill a full 6.8L tank to 300BAR, perfect for air impermeability test, pressure-proof test, etc.


DURABILITY: Alloy air cylinder and high-quality components ensure years of use


PERFORMANCE STABILITY: Designed with two-stage compression and two water-oil separators for performance stability


COOLING SYSTEM: Please prepare enough cooling water, it is recommended to be a vat of water to achieve better cooling effects.


ATTENTION: A single working time cannot exceed 30 minutes, the machine temperature cannot exceed 80 degrees Celsius. 



Voltage: 110V or 220V - 240V/ 50Hz

Power: 1.80KW

Working Pressure: 300BAR / 30MPA/ 4500PSI

Working Capability: 50 L / min

Material: Alloy

Dimension: 14.2” x 7.1” x 14.6”


Package List:

1 x Air Compressor Pump

2 x Main Machines

1 x Hose Female

1 x Water Pump

1 x Water Cooling Pump

2 x Pressure Relief Screw

1 x Certification

1 x Spare Part

1 x Bag

1 x Separator

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