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How Do Olympic Shooters Train?

The article emphasizes that the difficulty in shooting sports lies more in technical movements, mental stability, and physical conditioning rather than vision. It highlights that even those with average eyesight can excel due to proper technique and psychological resilience. Lastly, it underscores the importance of psychological factors, offering tips such as using power stances, visualizing competition scenes, positive self-talk, and mindfulness to improve concentration and performance under pressure like in Olympic Game.

Shooting is indeed difficult, but the difficulty lies mainly in technical movements, mentality and stability. As long as the movements meet the standards, the bullet can hit the ten rings, and it has little to do with whether you can see the target paper clearly. In fact, no matter how good your eyesight is, it is almost impossible for human vision to see the 7-10 rings of the target on the field.

Vision doesn't Significantly Impact Performance
Training Regimen on The Fundamentals
Calmness and Concentration Training 

VISION on Shooting

Does Vision Have a Big Impact on Shooting Results?

For shooting sports, vision is far less important than most people imagine. Ordinary people cannot see the target paper clearly, and many shooting athletes cannot see it clearly either.

The target paper is small and far away, which has exceeded the limit of human vision. Human vision cannot reach this level of accuracy. In this case, the difference in vision strength will not have such a big impact. Vision cannot be the key factor in determining the final shooting results. The ability to adjust the psychological load and the stability of technical movements can achieve the goal.

The Stability of Technical Movement

In terms of the stability of technical movements, shooters will also conduct a lot of physical training and strength training. Shooters who seem to have "no traces of training" are far superior to ordinary people in the stability of their core muscles.

For newcomers who have just received training. Basically, there is only one set of procedures: facing the target machine, correcting the posture, raising the gun, aiming, and then firing the empty gun. Infinite loop. The reason why such boring content is used to fill the training time is, on the one hand, to correct and fix the technical movements.

Physical and Strength Training

During the training process, many shooters gave up due to physical function reasons, but most of them were due to insufficient strength.

All the functional designs of the shooting suit are also to achieve perfect stability during the shooting process, and to eliminate all external and player's own interference as much as possible, and to protect and prevent chronic injuries to the cervical spine, waist and back and other parts.

Other Interference

Among them, the player's own interference includes the shaking of the body caused by the heartbeat and the fluctuation of breathing. The physiological movements such as heartbeat and breathing that have no sense of existence in daily life will greatly affect the accuracy of shooting.

Therefore, shooting players spend a lot of time training their stress resistance/psychological load and stability. Including all the props used in shooting events, shooting suits, shooting shoes, etc., the main function is to improve stability and reduce interference.

Doing This Will Help You Concentrate

Shooting is an art that pursues stability and concentration. It is not easy for shooters to devote themselves to it for a long time without distraction.

meditation on Shooting

"An athlete, no matter how skilled he is, can hardly be called 'world-class' without a good psychological quality."

In major sports events and competitive sports, everyone is a leader in technology, physical fitness, and strength, and psychological quality has become the key to competition. Especially in shooting, archery and other sports that require solitary struggle, calmness and concentration have become the most important psychological state to cultivate.

1. Shooting, A Contest Of Concentration

In the shooting arena, the psychological quality of the players is more tested. Whoever can calm down and stay focused is more likely to hit the target in one shot. However, the high pressure of the arena and the burden of winning glory for the country will cause changes in people's mentality and emotions, affecting the concentration of athletes. In an ideal state, shooting athletes need to do the following:

Information Avoidance: There are many interfering information during the competition, such as the dynamics of competitors, the words of leaders, applause from the audience etc. These irrelevant information will increase tension, and it is necessary to actively block information.

Immerse: That is, you feel that you are the only target in the entire shooting range, and you feel that you are the only target in front of you.

Focus on the Action: Everyone has their most accustomed and convenient actions. Focus on the action, and the person and the gun are one. The rifle is like your arm. Don't even think about how many rings you can hit.

Shoot one shot and forget one shot: If you do the above two points, you will basically enjoy the whole process when shooting, and you will just glance at the single-shot results.

2. When You Are Also Standing

How can you have the ability to concentrate highly and help yourself concentrate and hit the target in high pressure?

A Power Stance to Enhance Self-confidence

Body posture directly affects your mood. For example, the winner's posture with hands on hips in the picture can help increase the secretion of male hormones, while reducing the stress hormone cortisol, which can quickly improve self-confidence. You can use this posture more often in daily life, or you can use it before going on the court to strengthen your mental strength.

Scene Reappearance to Warm Up the Brain

Imagine the scene of the game in your mind, and warm up the brain through this scene reappearance, so that it can quickly become active and enter the state, making your thinking and reaction more agile.

Self-talk and Self-regulation

Self-talk is a great way to self-regulate. For athletes, encouraging self-talk is particularly important for them, such as "Come on, you can do it!", and guiding self-talk, such as "Don't forget to breathe".

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Mindfulness Meditation to Improve Concentration

Mindfulness meditation can be used to improve concentration for people who are under high mental pressure, have too many distracting thoughts, and are easily led by thoughts. Various studies have shown that mindfulness practice can enhance mental health, including stress resistance, concentration, etc., and can also prolong the life of the brain.

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