1x20 Red Dot Sight, 4.5 MOA Rifle Scope for Standard Picatinny or Weaver Rail | Pinty Scopes

Gear Review: Testing the Pinty 1x20 Red Dot Sight, 4.5 MOA Rifle Scope

Looking for a red dot sight but not sure which one to choose? With so many models and brands on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide. However, Pinty makes the choice easy with 1x20 Red Dot Sight, 4.5 MOA Rifle Scope that delivers  good performance and value.
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Red dot sights offer fast, intuitive targeting thanks to their parallax-free optical design. There's no need to perfectly align your eye or adjust eye relief - simply look through the sight and place the dot on your target. This speed and convenience makes red dots extremely popular for rapid shooting when targets appear. But with so many brands like Vortex, Leupold, Nightforce, Nkon, Burris, AimPoint and Bushnell  and models on the market, people may have such question: which one should I choose? Don't worry, Pinty will give you the answer right away - Pinty 1×20 Red Dot Sight. 

 (Reading Time: 3-5 Minutes)


1. Unboxing the product


1x20 Red Dot Sight, 4.5 MOA Rifle Scope for Standard Picatinny or Weaver Rail | Pinty Scopes
Products include:
  • 1 red dot sight
  • A 0.83 in riser mount, so that the optic can get absolute co-witness together with iron sights.
  • 1 battery (CR2032)
  • 2 lens caps, help the lens to prevent dust and scratches when not in use, prolong the service life of the scope
  • 1 double-slotted screw and 1 hex wrench, making air resistance and height adjustment and battery replacement a breeze
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • 1 instruction manual


 2. Product design and parameters


2.1 Design


  •  Fully enclosed design for waterproof, fogproof, and anti-condensation protection. This will be demonstrated through testing later.
  • Constructed from durable, lightweight aluminum with a black anodized finish, this sight is built to withstand the rigors of field use.
  • Multi-layer coatings are applied to the objective and eyepiece lenses, providing scratch resistance to the optics.


2.2 Parameters


  • Fixed 1x magnification, meaning no zoom capability. Here we want to correct a misunderstanding: for rifle scope and red dot sight, it is not that the higher the magnification, the better as it can make finding close-distant targets more difficult. With red dots primarily used at close-to-medium ranges, the non-magnified 1x power provides ample accuracy for most applications.
  • 11 brightness levels, allowing the user to increase dot intensity when needed to maintain visibility under adverse or dark environments.
  • 4.5 MOA red dot reticle. MOA stands for minutes of angle, an angular measurement representing a 1-inch circle at 100 yards. The MOA dot size correlates to the area your bullet can land when aimed at a target. For example, a 3 MOA dot appears as a 3-inch circle at 100 yards.Some may think the 4.5 MOA dot seems less precise than 1-2 MOA models. However, larger MOA dots have benefits, especially for shorter range use. The bigger dot is more visible and easier to locate quickly during defensive or fast-action situations. Larger MOA also aids acquisition in bad weather. Most quality sights today are 3-6 MOA. At 4.5 MOA, this Pinty dot combines the strengths of visibility and precision for versatile performance.
  • Featuring a standard 20mm mount, the Pinty 1x20 is compatible with Picatinny or Weaver rails to fit all types of firearms.
  • Dimensions of 2.7 x 1.6 x 1.9 inches and weighing only 149 grams, the Pinty 1x20 maintains a lightweight, low-profile footprint to minimize added bulk when in the field.


3. Test


When evaluating a product, nothing beats real-world testing. To assess the 1x20 Red Dot Sight, Pinty enlisted the help of some YouTube reviewers to put the sight through its paces. Across various tests, the consensus was overwhelmingly positive. 


3.1 Accuracy test


Zero in on the target with both eyes open, knowing that this red dot sight promises easy and accurate target acquisition thanks to its 50 yds. Parallax

Pinty Red Dot Sight Aiming Long Distance| Pinty Scopes

3.2 Waterproof test


Pinty Red Dot Sight Soaked In Hot Water | Pinty Scopes

After soaking in hot water for 30 minutes, the red dot sight is still clear, and there is no water seepage or fogging inside, which is really good!


4. Summary


Get top-tier performance without the premium price tag with the Pinty 1x20 Red Dot Sight. This sub-$50 optic punches well above its weight class, delivering tack-driving accuracy and 4.5 MOA of rapid target acquisition. The multi-coated lens is optically crisp and the rugged, jet-black anodized body can withstand abuse on the range. Plus, the nitrogen-purged interior resists fogging and water intrusion, even in extreme conditions. Whether you're equipping a budget-friendly AR build or need a reliable close quarters optic for home defense, the feature-packed Pinty 1x20 excels. For an unbelievable value in rock-solid, battle-ready optics, make the Pinty 1x20 your next upgrade

1x20 Red Dot Sight, 4.5 MOA Rifle Scope for Standard Picatinny or Weaver Rail | Pinty Scopes

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