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Medium Profile 3-Slot Picatinny Riser Mount with QD Quick Release, 2-Pack Set, Ideal for Red Dots

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Upgrade Your Equipment

Components this useful are always a sight for sore eyes—and for our riser mount, that’s true in more ways than one. Perfect for use with Picatinny- or Weaver-base optics, this mount makes a sturdy way for you to literally set your sights on more ambitious targets. Once it’s set in place, you’ll be more than ready to shift your focus to that scope you’ve been eyeing.


An Accommodating Accessory

Options make for an optimal accessory, which is why this riser will neatly fit anything from red dots to optics to 1x prism scopes with ease so long as they sport the appropriate Picatinny or Weaver base. Rising up at just 0.5 inches, the mount also integrates well with actual use thanks to how practically built for sights and add-ons its profile is.


Lock and Load

On when you need it, off when you don’t—with a practical and easy-to-use quick-release mechanism, this mount only sticks around when it’s actually helpful for it to be there. To bring the riser on board, simply snap it into place using the intuitive manual lever design. The second you need extra storage space, or simply prefer to go scope-free, you can instantly pop the mount back off by flipping the lever free. It’s never been so simple to switch things up!


Not-So-Heavy Arms

Sometimes, being a heavyweight is just plain overrated. To keep you feeling up and agile while equipped, this riser stays on the lower end of the weight scale, coming in at a mere 1.85 oz. With so little added mass, it’s that much easier to find a greater range of movement during use, as well as far more freedom in how you accessorize with the riser itself.


Tough as Nails

You just get more out of a tool that’s durably built, and so we’ve made sure that this riser is fully ruggedized for lasting use. Sporting a body of premium aircraft-grade aluminum, the mount is more than sturdy enough to be a solid companion on the range or out in the field. And with a matte black anodizing finish topping off the whole design, this accessory even has a bit of beauty on top of its brawn.




Includes two riser mounts

Size: 1.57” W x 1.96” L x 0.78” H

Rise: 0.5”

Inner length: 0.82”

Rail type: Picatinny/Weaver

Weight: 1.85 oz.

Material: aircraft-grade aluminum

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