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M-LOK QD Sling Swivel Mount 3 Pack: .99" 1.18" 1.85" Mounts, 1.25" Swivels

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Hook up your single or 2 points sling fast, easy, and certainly with Pinty's M-LOK QD sling swivel mount 3 pack. Three sizes of mounts (0.99", 1.18", 1.85") let you match your rifles and accessories precisely, while the three standard 1.25" sling swivels punch in and out easily with any QD mount or slot. Unlike some competitors' products, these swivels are tough blackened iron and rotate 361° completely freely. Add these to your airsoft, hunting, sporting, and tactical gear today, knowing that Pinty's warranty and friendly customer service have your back.



* Every Sling Mount You Need: Our 3-in-1 set includes 0.99", 1.18", and 1.85" sling mounts to match your various firearms and attachments perfectly. Their beveled edges reduce snags as you do your business.

* 360° Sling Swivels: The 3 ultra-flexible QD 1.25" sling swivels rotate 360° completely freely for maximum utility and have a low profile for appropriately snug sling use.

* Easy On, Easy Off: The rifle mounts fit M-LOK handguard rail slots and can also be used on appropriate rear receivers, buttstocks, or attachments; just slide in the nuts and bolts, tighten, and you're good to go. The swivels are even easier: just push them into these or your other QD mounts.

* Premium Materials: Mounts and swivel bases are made of lightweight, non-corroding, and durable aluminum with a matte black finish for dependable use. The heavy-duty iron loops on the swivels are protected against corrosion by their matching black oxide finish.

* Satisfaction Guaranteed: Try this set out with your long guns and attachments, knowing Pinty's warranty and friendly customer service have your six covered.




Sling Mount: 0.99"/1.18"/1.85" length, 0.35" height

Loop Size: 1.25" width, 0.17" thickness

Swivel Size: 1.6"

Material: Blackened Iron (loops), Aluminum (other parts)

Color: Black (loops), Matte Black (other parts)

Load Capacity: 66 lbs. (30 kg)

Weight: 0.29 lb. (130 g)

Warranty: 6 Months


Parts List:

1 x 0.99 Inch M-LOK Sling Mount

1 x 1.18 Inch M-LOK Sling Mount

1 x 1.85 Inch M-LOK Sling Mount

3 x 1.25 Inch QD Sling Swivel

5 x T-Nut & Hex Screw Set

3 x Hex Wrench

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