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12'' * 36'' Cleaning Mat with Detailed Diagram & Assembly Instructions, 0.2" Thickness

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  1. LARGE PROTECTIVE SURFACE: The updated 2020 model Pinty Non-Slip Gun Cleaning Mat offers a larger surface area at 12" x 36" for cleaning rifles, shotguns and handguns of all sizes. ⅕ inch thick rubber bottom has outstanding pressure resistance to protect your gear. Roll-up to save space and it still lays flat when you’re ready to use.


  1. CORROSION DEFENSE: The chemical-resistant surface repels oil and solvents. Also waterproof and pressure impervious, making it the only gun mat that works as hard as you do. We use only the most durable vulcanized natural rubber. When cared for properly, this mat can outlast the guns you’re cleaning.


  1. ANTI-SLIP TOP & BOTTOM: Clean faster! While most gun mats are made with Anti-Slip properties on bottom, our Pinty Gun Cleaning Mat also features Anti-Slip rubberized laminate on top to help your gun stay in place as you clean. Easy to wipe clean after use.


  1. SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP: Designed with the American gun owner in mind, we weatherproofed the entire pad to endure inclement weather on hunting trips. Made of vulcanized rubber and military-grade waterproof synthetic fibers. This cleaning mat uses eco-friendly materials without sacrificing quality.


  1. AR-15 PARTS SCHEMATIC: The AR-15 is a symbol of American gun culture. So even if you don’t have an AR-15, it is more than just an assembly guide. It shows your support for 2nd Amendment freedoms established by our founding fathers.
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